Digital / administrative investigation

With many fraud investigations traces of the fraud can be found in computer systems and/or administrations. De Fraude Experts are well equipped for these kind of investigations.

With digital investigations it is primarily of importance, by using special software, to ascertain the authenticity of the data. After that a thorough inquiry can be performed on this data. Using special recovery tools also assumed deleted data often can be restored and investigated. Recording of the findings of such inquiries will be put into understandable language and can serve for further investigations and for legal procedures. Digital inquiries are often applied in suspicions of computer misuse such as visiting unwanted websites and downloading unwanted software or photos, in suspicions of leakage of company information and to support administrative investigations.

Our specialists in administrative investigations have the capabilities to find hard evidence of fraud in your administration. Papers to establish a fraud are often crucial in a fraud investigation, because these papers very often undisputedly establish the fact that a fraud has been committed and because these papers lay bare the responsibility for the fraud.

Digital and administrative investigations can both be executed on location as out of sight of your employees. During these investigations we are accustomed to co-operate with your accountant and we also perform these services for curators in case of a bankruptcy.