De Fraude Experts ®

Welcome at De Fraude Experts ®, specialized in internal fraud investigations and prevention services to strengthen your organization against negative elements,  elements that can undermine the pleasures of entrepreneurship.

The dangers of outside criminal influences are generally adequately recognized and there is plenty attention to guard them. Less known are the dangers from within. Too often entrepreneurs are ashamed in the trust they give to employees. In the Netherlands the damage annually builds up to 5 to 6 billion euro, money that disappears under the eyes of the entrepreneurs, often even without being noticed.

Your employees are after your money, your goods, misuse office hours or gain advantage from your corporate information. We have the tendency to assume that this will not happen in our own organization, that it is a problem that only happens elsewhere. The truth is very different. And when it does happen? Legislation on (rightful) gathering of evidence, the laws on labour protection and the limited willingness from the rest of the employees to assist you with proper information make that you are stepping into a minefield. Professional assistance then is a must. More so because in dismissal cases more and more your role in the matter will be taken into consideration, how you have pursued the matter and whether the approach of the matter and following it through has been done according to the rules.

On this website you will find information about the services rendered by De Fraude Experts ®, about our vision on integrity and not in the least how you can contact us to talk your problem through; the first step towards the solution. Because in the chain of responsibility to diminish the damage of 5 to 6 billion euro you are the first link.