Integrity issues

Are there indications of sexual intimidation, about how purchasers handle the suppliers, or are there signals that one of the managers disguises his incapability? Do the employees know the company standards and values set by you and do they live up to them, or haven’t you yet expressed those standards and values and made your staff aware of them? Are your competitors being informed about your proposals to clients? How will your employees act on information about serious irregularities within the company and do suppliers or other outsiders know where to confidentially report serious irregularities?

What is clear is that the integrity of your organization is debatable and without follow-up matters only could get worse.

De Fraude Experts highly appreciate integrity, even the company logo is build up from the letters integrity, and they can assist you to address integrity issues in a proper manner. To restore the balance, to level the sliding scale. With the help of your own employees such issues are addressed. To get clarity, to create bearing ground for solutions and to get your organization back on track.