Pre-employment screening

Prevention starts at the front door, by knowing if this new employee really is who he or she says and if he or she really has the knowledge and capability necessary for the job. More then 25 percent of the CV’s contain serious incorrectness and in most job interviews that does not come to light. It does come to light in a thorough pre-employmentscreening

De Fraude Experts check the CV-data of the applicant with the needed thoroughness, always with his or her knowledge and written consent. And we provide you with a clear report of the findings. You can then properly make the decision of offering the job to the applicant.

Some examples of results from our screenings:
A claimed engineer title appeared to be fake; the candidate never finished his schooling
A bachelor of business administration only appeared to be the first part; being unmarried
A candidate stating to be the victim of numerous reorganizations turned out to be an enfant-terrible that left every former employer with lots of problems.

Keep the following in mind: when you buy a second hand car you will not do so without a thorough test drive and preferably with a test report from an independent garage. Why then hire a second hand employee without the necessary background information! Who after hiring receives a key of the premises, access to your database with confidential company information and all your trust.

The costs can not be a threshold, they can be overseen and will be money wisely spent. Certainly when taking in consideration that the first pre-employmentscreening will be free of cost.