Preventive (security) advice

On the basis of a risk analysis all sorts of actions have to be taken. First of all the risks will be qualified. On the basis of the qualification will be determined which preventive measures will be the most appropriate and preferred.

Additional interviews with employees will be essential. First of all to make maximal use of the ‘work floor’ knowledge and to be able to check the thoughts on measures to be taken. The first layer for bearing ground will so be properly laid.

Next the established risks will be described in connection with a advice per risk area on how to deal with that risk. Where possible an ‘owner’ of the problem will be nominated, whose responsibility it will become to limit or eliminate the risk. Of course the owner of the problem will find our consultant at his side in finding solutions.

In the end it is of importance that cohesion will exist between the various measures to be taken, the developed policies and supervision of the embedding of the measures in the organization. Also measures and responsibilities to control observance are essential.

De Fraude Experts will construe the total of preventive advice in proper deliberation with the client and will present the advice at the management team. Also close participation will be sought with the employee council.