Risk analysis

Many entrepreneurs lack a clear picture of the company’s risks and insufficient measures are taken to minimize these risks. And we are talking of risks of a very different kind entrepreneurs standard face in the course of doing business.

From fraud investigations we learned that fraudsters very often (mis)use organizational holes. Holes developed from to much attention for just growth, from ignorance of the existence of those holes and from lack of knowledge. Being an entrepreneur is great and a formidable challenge, but when others breach your trust it is very sour.

Through a risk analysis De Fraude Experts will, not being hindered by company blindness and with many years of experience from fraud investigations, expose the weak spots in your organization and describe these. That will be done after an out of working hours tour in your company, by interviewing key-employees and when necessary by checking administrative procedures. After that you at least are aware and have knowledge of the risks and measures can then be taken to minimize these risks. (also see Preventive security advice).