Time fraud

Do you suspect that one of your sales staff reports something completely different about his activities then he really puts into his work or do you suspect that your employee spends more time on Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook  etc. then on what he is supposed to be doing?

De Fraude Experts have the (technical) possibilities to clarify that. Whether we will use surveillance, covert cameras or installation of special software will depend on the circumstances and possibilities. Using covert cameras for instance is only possible when you have gained the right to use these. Because by Dutch law that is only permitted when you have notified your staff that you gave yourself the right to use covert cameras in case of a suspicion of fraud.

And because covert cameras under specific circumstances are an excellent and perhaps even the only option to establish who is responsible for the fraud we give you an urgent advice:
Publish in the personnel regulations the following text:

The managing director claims the right to use covert cameras during a limited period of time in case of suspicions of serious irregularities. When applied this will always be done with the most possible respect for the employees privacy.

By following up this advice you assure yourself that the means can be used and that the evidence thus gained will be lawfully acquired.