Integrity is the key-word in justified entrepreneuring. At the same time integrity is a remarkable elusive and difficult to define notion. More so because integrity has different forms in different circumstances. For instance; one uses different values and standards in family and friends circles then one uses during working hours. Not better or worse, just different. With that in mind one could say that integrity consists of our actions within joint determined and agreed rules and frames.

Employees have the urge to know the rules and frames with which they are allowed to act (the company values and standards) and management is responsible to determine these values and standards, put them on paper and express them. By offering that clarity the boundaries of integrity are set and will it become clear when boundaries are crossed.

The essence of integrity has been leading at the choice of the logo of De Fraude Experts ®. The logo is one of the international symbols to picture integrity. With their gathered knowledge on company fraud the participants of De Fraude Experts are of the opion that they can support other companies in developing a clear policy on integrity. And when it (despite that) does go wrong, and employees have crossed boarders, every available means can be launched to establish the fraud and to gather sufficient evidence to remove the perpetrator from the company and re-set the balance; restore integrity in the organization.